The Academy Essentials: Most Requested (Limited Time)

This package includes the most requested and watched classes of the tattoo academy. This will teach you how to start tattooing, how to design powerful pieces, and how to take flawless photos & videos of the finished tattoo.

Here, I disclose the essential secrets to my success.

🔒 Includes:

Most Watched & Wanted Classes based on 500+ reviews:

  1. HOW TO START - A $500 value!
  2. HOW TO DESIGN - A $500 value!


  1.  How To Tattoo Alex Aureo School Certificate. 
  2.  Support from Alessandro himself, coaching you, ask him anything.
  3.  Lifelong access from anywhere in the world, at any time.
  4.  The best students will be offered a job & get the chance to word alongside Alex in his tattoo studio!
  5.  Free shoutout on Alex's Instagram page with over 1,200,000 followers.

 Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your tattoo skills. Start your journey now! 🎨🖋️

This offer is only available for 1 month.

What People Are Saying:

The combination of these 3 classes is the perfect mix for anyone who wants all the essential information and tricks to start. Best money spent in my career so far and I am defenitely buying additional classes! "How to Design" on ipad and photoshop really gave me the tools & knowledge I needed to move forward in my journey. Since then, I actually got better and better and I can't stress enough how much this was necessary for me to get out of my bubble and just start this career!

Giorgia, Rome, Italy. IG: sbanfytattoo

Photography and Videography really helped me figure how to show my works in the best possible way. This masterclass taught me how to make photos and videos that helps me stand out on any platform. I get so much more engagement and clients and the only thing that really changed is the way I showcase my work.

Davide, Rome, Italy. IG: davide_flowlines

$499.00 USD