How his Story Will Help You Succeed. 

Make it Yours. 

Breathe it all in.


Alex Aureo is a world-renowned and “celebrity tattoo artist” with multiple international publications (People; TMZ: Cosmopolitan: Vogue, and many more). He creates unique art pieces for customers and VIPs, like Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene, Scooter Braun & Ben Hardy, from all over the globe, bringing their ideas to life.

He hosted international no-profit events, such as ''Healing Ink'‘ in Tel Aviv where he tattooed victims of terrorism to help them get over their trauma and regain their self-confidence. He gets invited as a Judge to international tattoo conventions and periodically works beside the best tattoo masters on Earth in New York City, Los Angeles and Rome.

He specializes in Single-Needle, Fine line and Hyper-realism. His designs are delicate, intricate and exceptionally complex.

 When it all began.

Alex’s first approach with the tattoo industry was at only 18 years old as a tattoo apprentice, that’s when he started designing his first pieces. He founded his international tattoo studio, Aureo Roma, in the very center of Rome, Italy, when he was 20, with the money he hard-earned out of his first tattoos while collaborating with other shops.

During his apprenticeship he always struggled finding reliable informations on how to tattoo professionally and precisely.

He met multiple tattoo masters but it was extremely difficult to find somebody to put his trust into since everybody had a different idea regarding tattooing and would tell him different things about the proper steps to take in order to really get better.

It obviously resulted in a lot of confusion.



He started reading and researching for every book he could find, any article and any video he could get. But it still wasn’t enough. There wasn’t enough material.


What was the best way of Lining, shading and coloring?

Who was right?

Who was wrong?


None of them and all of them, everybody had their clue but nobody could tell him everything, they just did not know.


And you thought it'd be impossible.

Till today.


He had to experiment and took years of trial and error to finally understand and develop his style, where precision & quality are essential and crucial.


That is why he decided to help you. Giving you the most complete set of classes on how to tattoo. To help you create amazing art and share with the world that’s awaiting. To help you express yourself & follow your dream.


To Make it real.


Dragging your future, into your present.  


Alex's aim, with this Online Tattoo School, is to provide reliable and fulfilling informations, explain all of the techniques required to create your own brand and help you master each one of them correctly and easily.


And that is just the start.



With Alex's first and unique online tattoo masterclass you will be able to fast forward your learning process and grow exponentially with him.

Learn from his experience and avoid any mistakes.

Learn how you, from any level, can become a successful Tattooer.


No more doubts.


Only Improvements.


Don’t look forward to it. Make it your present.

Start Today.

Just for artists.

And creatives.

And everybody else.