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Alex Aureo’s Tattoo Academy will lead you through each stage of your artistic journey, providing classes designed for flexibility and accessibility.

At your own pace.  

No time or geographical constraints. Improve your skills and develop your unique style.

 Whether you are a beginner with little to no experience or already a well-established artist. The academy is full of knowledge that benefits you at every stage of your career.

Here, you will learn all about:

How to start from 0 to artist.

How to gain precision with your lines and confidence with your shadings and coloring, starting with fake skin and leading on to real skin.

How to master a multitude of tattoo techniques.

How to improve your drawing skills & how to precisely transfer your ideas to skin, with any detail you envision. From mind to body.

How to create designs on Photoshop (PC) & Procreate (Tablet).

How to brand & advertise your art, and price it, all while growing your social media presence internationally.

How to take flawless pictures and showcase your art.

How to grow your client base.

How to find a studio to work with.

Or, when you will be ready, how to open your own business.

This academy is made of both theoretical & practical classes.

We will teach you, How To Tattoo.

Fine Line, the most exclusive style. Made easy. Made clear.

For you. 

Alex Aureo, the top celebrity tattoo artist in the industry to master the Fine-Line technique, will be explaining how to effortlessly create powerful & intricate design & tattoos.

For the very first time.

You will be one of the few to learn every known technique. From thick linework to colorful realism. On top of that, we created extra lessons that have never been available anywhere online (or in the world), teaching you how to master fine line.



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It's your best investment.

Enjoy the flexibility to start and stop at your convenience, maintaining focus with unlimited access.

 Typically, in this industry, your only option would have been to find an apprenticeship or, for the more experienced, to study in a seminar that only lasts a few days.

Until now.

Envision learning to master a multitude of styles of tattooing, all from the comfort of your home. Now, it's possible.

With How To Tattoo, you gain exclusive access to an extensive library of over 65 videos, offering 15 hours of educational content. Our 6 main courses are thoughtfully divided into multiple classes, covering each technique and tattoo style. Over 3 years of research and over $300 000 investment we are dedicated to curate top-tier classes tailored to your needs.

Experience in-depth explanations, captivating videos, HDR professional shots, and crystal-clear audio, complete with subtitles to ensure you understand every nuance of the tattooing process.

With this course, you can learn and grow at your own speed, aiming for mastery. And the best part? You can go back and review lessons whenever you need to.

It's a game-changer in learning how to tattoo. 

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This is the best, most reliable and guaranteed to give you what you need, tattoo masterclass. And Alex Aureo is the best master for you. But don't take our word for it.

Here's what Demi Lovato said about Alex's work:

Demi Lovato

Los Angeles. California.

"I got this incredibly meaningful tattoo done by Alex Aureo. Getting Tatted by him was an experience I’ve never had before… I told him about my life and where I was at in that moment and we created a combination of images that best symbolized the spiritual awakening I was having… Alessandro - you are extremely talented and I can’t wait for more! Thank you for this special experience…"



Tattoo Artist (Italy, EU) - IG: sbanfytattoo

"I gotta spill the beans on Alex's Tattoo Academy ‚Äď it's the real deal! In just six months, I went from shaky lines to working side by side with Alex himself.

Check my Insta for the before-and-after; it's legit. Alex's teaching vibe is like having a tattoo Yoda ‚Äď patient, skilled, and pushing you to the next level.


Stop doubting, start tattooing. Dive into Alex's Academy and watch your skills blow up! Ink-cited and loving it, Giorgia"


Tattoo Artist (Italy, EU) - IG: davide_flowlines

"How To Tattoo by Alex Aureo was really helpful, I was unsure at the start, but after 1 month I have started seeing results and have learnt new amazing techniques.

I improved and with my new skills, I am getting many more clients! I had to put the work in but it was worth it."

The importance of choosing

The best master you can find.


Alex Aureo does not accept any apprentice under his wings. And has never had one. Learn from the experience of a world-renowned professional.

Alex will share his top tips and secrets. And will be available for direct contact for your questions. You won't be alone. 

Join other students from around the globe for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Not just a school of tattooing. A global 


Your best option, ever.

We have created an exclusive international group for our community. Once you sign up, you will be given access to our group with a password.

The group is where you can network, share your thoughts, work experience with your colleagues and fellow students.

This will allow you to share your progress and your journey.




‚ú® What's Included:

  • Learn How to Tattoo from 0 or Improve Exponentially. No matter if you are just starting or already tattooing.

  • Learn how to master every tattoo technique, from grayscale & colorful realism to fine-line tattooing & single-needle. From thick to extra-thin Needles.

  • First 100 Subscribers will get a special price.
  • Access the Academy from anywhere in the world, at anytime.
  • 6 Courses, 65 Lessons, watch Alessandro tattoo multiple pieces from start to finish while explaining every single step of the creation, over 15 hours of depth learning.

  • Buy now pay later option. Start learning and pay after.

  • Support from Alessandro himself, coaching you, ask him anything.

  • Join an international community of artists to improve together.
  • How To Tattoo Alex Aureo Unique School Certificate.¬†
  • Early Access to Upgrades and New Courses/Seminars.
  • Shoutout on Alex's Instagram (900,000+ Followers).
  • Lifetime Access Guaranteed.
  • ¬†Monthly Academy ($399 a month for 3 months) & stop at any time!




Check out our Time-Limited Offer



 The Academy Is Composed Of These Classes:

We are ready.

Are you?